The Recent Progression of Biking

The Feeling Of Belonging

Mountain biking is not all about riding your bicycle off the roads and up the hills. It is a skill that takes time to develop. But once you master it, there is that joy and off road mountain bikingsense of belonging to group of like minded individuals who love nothing more than getting out on their bikes. Just like any other sport, one has to choose tools that are up to the task when it comes to mountain biking. Things like having awesome wheels on your bicycle are among the many trends this year when it comes to terrain biking.

Fat tread wheels & custom bags are all the rage

Back then, having horizontally endowed (27.5 or 29 )wheels made you the coolest kid on the block. But those have become obsolete now. Fatter wheels have become the in thing in the mountain biking industry. The larger the diameter, the better. Lately, bicycles seem to come with custom made bags .Other companies have gone further and manufactured bags that are specifically custom-made for their brands and this makes the adventure of biking even more fun.

Gears improvement, & the revolution of GPS?

There has been a great revolution and advancement in the gear shifting systems. Two brands seem to have gotten the biggest share of the cake in the industry. These are Shimano brand and SRAM. The 1 by 12 gear system came into the market in 2016 and that was SRAM’s conceptual concept. The problem is, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets just to have it installed into your bike. Have you ever thought that one day we would have GPS systems on our mountain bikes? If you did, then your dreams are about to come true. Renthal company have been working day and night just to have GPS installed onto an e-mountain bike so as to measure flexibility in the handles. The aim of this is to develop handles that are more durable and strong without too much pressure exertion. Suspension also is the reason why GPS is in our bikes. It measures and transmit the information into your mobile phone and all the analytics enables the biker to make calculated suspensions hence improving on performance.


So if mountain biking was among the resolutions you made for this year, then you should think about purchasing a good bike from Race Co UK or other providers, they supply something that not only has powerful features but also makes you look cool. Remember riding does you the world of good. 😉