Birmingham Physiotherapy

physio exercisesPhysiotherapy helps to restore your body’s function especially if you have been injured or have a medical condition that leads to dysfunction. Some people assume that a physiotherapist can only treat back pain and sports injuries. But they are trained to deal with several muscoskeletal conditions and injuries.

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury or stroke, Birmingham physiotherapy is necessary. These conditions can interfere with your mobility and this form of treatment can ensure it is fully or partially restored to make you more independent. You can also consult a physiotherapy expert if you have chronic bronchitis, asthma or emphysema.

Birmingham physiotherapy is also recommended if you have had surgery. The treatment can help you recover within a shorter period. Physiotherapists apply a variety of treatments including exercise, manual manipulation, and electrotherapy. The treatment offered will be determined by your condition.

A physiotherapist can consult other healthcare professionals to come up with an effective treatment solution for you. You can find them in fitness centers, hospitals, health centres, rehabilitation centres, sports clubs, and private practices.

When you visit a professional who offers physiotherapy, they will examine your entire body to identify the main cause of your problem. This kind of therapy can help to improve your general health and make you less prone to injuries. If you suffer from back pain, it may be caused by poor posture, repetitive strain or excess weight. It is the physiotherapist’s responsibility to identify the underlying cause before they provide treatment. A holist approach will help to reduce recurring injuries.

If you suffer from a condition that can be treated using physiotherapy, it is important to identify a certified and well experienced professional. This will ensure you get quality treatment. Your family doctor can recommend a suitable physiotherapist for you if they are unable to address your medical condition using other forms of treatment.